Rope Jam 9, Memorial for Fiona

Rope Jam 9 Saturday May 18th 7pm-????

As most of you know, Shannon and I came home to  find her amazing little puppy, Fiona, had passed away while we were gone. 

For 9 years Fiona was the largest part of Shannon's life. Needless to say it was and is still heart wrenching. 

We have dedicated Rope Jam 9 as a small memorial, among friends, for Fiona. 

Lets hang out, play, tie, chill around a bon fire

What to Bring and where to bring it

Toys! All play is welcomed

Wood for the fire! if you have any scrap wood laying around. Bring it so we can burn it! 


Inflatable pool for baby oil wrestling?  Sure! Bring it on! 

Food. You are welcome to bring something for everybody to snack on throughout the night, but it is suggested that you eat dinner first.

Parking. Please park in the area with the basketball hoop. If it is full park off of the driveway down by the house to the left(Its in the country so there's plenty of acerage)  

The house. The house has 2 bedrooms with beds and restraints. 1 St. Andrews cross in the master bathroom. 1 spanking bench in the kitchen. A cage in the living room. Up to 2 hard points in the living room. A hard point over the bed in the master bedroom, a hard point in the master bath. 

The Address.  1419 old paths trail, Efland, NC 27243 

This is a private party held at Shannon's Home. You are welcome to bring a friend. BUT WE WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHO IT IS FIRST. 

I am going!

Type your name to RSVP!

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